With +15 years of experience as a translator and skills in marketing and copywriting, I help you dazzle your audience with top-notch German copy. As a native-speaker, I know the mentality of your German-speaking audience inside out, so I know exactly which images, connotations and values can help you win their hearts.

Extra: I'm native Austrian, so I can also localise your copy for Austrian-German.


I've been studying, working and living in a Dutch-speaking environment for more than 20 years, so I know the quirks of the Dutch and Flemish language and culture and how to accurately transfer them into German (and Austrian-German!).

Based on my own bicultural and bilingual background, I'm aware of the importance of cultural sensitivity, so there's no place for cultural faux pas in copy I translate or transcreate for you.

"Going the extra mile" for my clients is not just an empty phrase. Before making a quote, I gather all the information about your project (target persona, (long-term) objectives, publication medium, budget, specific requirements like keywords, hashtags, or character limitations, etc.) to provide you a tailored solution based on your needs.

Feel free to provide your style guides, terminology glossary, reference material (similar texts, pictures, graphics, etc.) and other additional information! The confidentiality of your documents is guaranteed at all times.

I'm a perfectionist who analyses your copy down to the smallest detail to unravel the message you want to convey. I dig deep into the essence of each word, considering every possible nuance and connotation, in order to provide an accurate adaptation of your message for a German-speaking audience while keeping its intent and tone.


Dutchess is a one-woman business. A single contact person - me, your personal expert and advisor - takes care of your assignment from start to finish.

The result? Quick and smooth processing of your assignment as well as continuity and coherence between different texts and projects.


You have questions or would like to discuss a specific project?