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Rely on Dutchess for the professional translation, transcreation or localisation of your marketing content and business communication into German. Consider me the extended arm of your marketing department, taking your brand to a royal level.

Dutchess is a one-woman business. A single contact person your personal expert takes care of your assignment from start to finish. The result? Individual, quick and smooth processing of your project as well as continuity and coherence between different texts and projects.

We might be Dutchess, but you are King!

I strive for perfection. After all, the goal is to deliver an impeccable text tailored to your specific target group, ready for print or online publishing. Therefore, I only take on assignments for topics I feel comfortable with. A distinct feeling for the subtleties of language as well as a keen eye for detail ensure not only linguistic accuracy but also stylistic finesse and right tonality.

Last but not least: I am not only a language specialist, but also a consumer. Sophisticated and captive advertising as well as precise and comprehensive product descriptions make me a buyer. I know which texts appeal to me as a potential buyer, and it is exactly these texts I create for you.

As I have been studying, working and living in a Dutch-speaking environment for many years, near-native language proficiency and in-depth cultural knowledge are guaranteed. No false friends and cultural faux pas, but an accurate adaptation of your message for the German-speaking market while keeping its intent, tone and context.


Good writing skills are not only the foundation for good translations. A creative and versatile writing style, based on an outside-the-box-approach, is key for making your copy work. Feel free to provide your style guides, terminology glossary, reference material (similar texts, pictures, graphics, etc.) and other additional information or request! The confidentiality of your documents is guaranteed at all times.