Translation & transcreation Poëziecentrum

Client: Poëziecentrum Gent

Project: Dichter des vaderlands – Poète National – Nationaler Dichter is a literary exchange initiative (started in 2014) that aims to build a bridge between the three official language communities in Belgium: Dutch–French–German. Every two years, a poet from a different language community is appointed to write at least six poems a year on various themes around current events in Belgium.

Content: project website, press releases, blog posts, speeches

Susan is an excellent translator and a pleasure to communicate with. The website and newsletter translations related to literary and cultural contents and events that Susan made for Poëziecentrum always succeeded in striking the right note. We can recommend her as a reliable translator with thorough professional competence in her specialist fields.


Website & marketing translation Flamant

Client: Belgian furniture and furnishing company Flamant

Project: the client’s German website, marketing campaigns

Content: website copy, product descriptions, URLs, image captions, fabrics specifications, care instructions, newsletters, social media posts, ad copy

+60.000 words (ongoing project)

Website translation LabelFresh

Client: Belgian producer of food label stickers LabelFresh

Project: the client’s German website

Content: website copy, URLs, headers, image captions

5.500 words


I am thrilled to share my experience of working with Susan for the translation of our website from Dutch to German. The journey of transforming our content while maintaining its essence in a different language was made incredibly smooth, all thanks to the remarkable collaboration we had. Deadlines were met while maintaining the quality of the translation. The end result met our expectations, the German version reads fluently and naturally, as if it was originally crafted in that language. This accomplishment wouldn't have been possible without the outstanding collaboration. Working with Susan has been an absolute pleasure. The professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to maintaining the essence of our content has left a lasting impression. If you're looking for a seamless and effective translation process, I wholeheartedly recommend Susan. Here's to future collaborations and continued success!



E-learning translation Tekst 2000 BV

Client: Tekst 2000 BV

Project: e-learning courses about negotiating, coaching, presenting, and job interviews

Content: lesson material, image descriptions, headers

+55.000 words

Susan has translated various online training courses from Dutch into German on the subjects of Negotiating, Coaching Skills, Presenting and Job Application Interviews for us. It's nice to communicate with her, and she showed good cooperation with fellow translators who worked on the same assignment.


Translation & transcreation fashion

Client: Dutch fashion brand - women's and men's fashion & accessories

Content: B2B & B2C marketing material and communication, social media content, press releases, catalogues

Ongoing project since 2018

Published translations

Carl De Strycker: Harold Blooms 'Anxiety of Influence' und die niederländische Literaturwissenschaft. (with D. Schmidhofer & E. Weissenböck). In: Herbert Van Uffelen, Dirk de Geest (ed.). Niederländische Literaturwissenschaft auf neuen Wegen. Wien: Edition Praesens, 2006, p. 171-195 - ISBN 3-7069-0252-4


Herbert Van Uffelen, Dirk de Geest, Susan Mahmody & Pieter Verstraeten (ed.). An der Schwelle. ‘Eigen’ und ‘fremd’ in der niederländischen Literatur. Wien: Praesens Verlag, 2010 - ISBN 3-7069-0251-6

  • Bart Vervaeck: Die philosophische Familie des Postmodernisten. Das Album von Brakman und Krol (p. 103-145)
  • Thomas Schampaert: Ein Leser für den flämischen Robbe-Grillet gefordert. Paul de Wispelaere und Hector-Jan Loreis über einen anderen Nouveau Roman (p. 241-269)