Translation is not a matter of words only:

it is a matter of making intelligible a whole culture.


- Anthony Burgess -

Hi, nice to meet you!

I'm Susan Mahmody aka Dutchess

A passionate translator, language aficionada, and bibliophile.
Yogi, runner, nature-lover, cat mom, tea & chocoholic.

Born and raised in Vienna, Austria with a bicultural and bilingual background (Austrian-Persian), concepts such as language and cultural sensitivity have always been part of my life.


I graduated in Scandinavian Studies (MA) and Dutch Studies (PhD) at the University of Vienna/Austria. Title of my dissertation: "The role of the transculturality in intertextual references in the work of Kader Abdolah" (a Dutch author of Iranian origin). As a university assistant and lecturer for Dutch and literature at the Universities of Vienna and Graz, I immersed into the Dutch and Flemish language and culture even more.

My translation journey began in 2006, and in 2011, I founded my first company. In 2019, it was time for a rebranding: Dutchess was born!

Moving to the beautiful Kempen region in Flanders, Belgium marked the (preliminary) final destination of my linguistic journey.



Member of the Belgian chamber of translators and interpreters (CBTI-BKVT)

Continuous professional development (CPD)

  • Localization of commercials and advertisements (webinar
  • Master Digital Marketing (webinar series LinkedIn)
  • The Complete Copywriting Course: Write to sell like a pro (course Udemy)
  • Bessere Texte schreiben (course LinkedIn)
  • Lokalisierung von A wie Anpassung bis Z wie Zielgruppe (course Universitas)
  • Translating Europe Forum (European Commission): 2020 + 2021
  • BP Translation Conference: ongoing since 2018
  • The Creative Language Conference 2020 + 2021: online