"Translation" describes the process of rendering text from language A into language B. It's suited for less flexible copy that aims to convey information and therefore needs to remain close to the source text. That means: no creative rewriting of the content, no cultural adaptations, no changes in structure and style. The key term here is "accuracy".

Excellent language skills in both source language as target language, specialisation in the respective field, and a keen eye for detail ensure a flawless result of your translated content.

"Transcreation" focuses on recreating the text's message in the target language in order to evoke the same reaction as the original copy (e. g. motivate the target audience to purchase a product or to use a service). Therefore, it's mostly used for marketing and advertising content. The source text serves as a base on which the new copy is crafted by adapting ideas, images and concepts according to cultural specifics, restructuring paragraphs, deleting or adding content, etc. while keeping the original copy's intent, tone and meaning. A transcreated piece of text catches the spirit of your brand and rewrites it into another language, tailored to your specific audience. Good transcreated copy never creates the impression that it was originally created in a different language.

Besides excellent language proficiency, profound copywriting skills, creativity, and cultural sensitivity are key.




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